Serious sticker in your passport defined



It’s a typical sight in many individuals’s passports, however that serious-looking sticker on one of many pages is definitely a very good factor.

A person was left baffled after recognizing a sticker in his passport whereas he was passing via safety.

After questioning if it meant he was in hassle, the person took to Reddit to ask what it was about – however fortunately it was a very good factor to have, in keeping with different travellers.

“Waiting at gate ready to board flight to LA when a random security guard stuck this in my passport. What is this and what’s it for?” he requested the Reddit discussion board.

His picture confirmed a web page of his passport with a sticker that learn Security Do Not Remove, with the date of February 7, 2022.

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Many specialists and airline workers answered him.

“I work for an airline and can confirm it’s to show you’ve answered the pre-travel security questions you would have been asked before checking in,” one wrote.

Pre-travel safety questions can embody the place you’re travelling to and why you’re travelling.

Another individual agreed, describing it as “standard procedure”.

“It means you’ve passed the initial security screening for entering US and you’ll be questioned as normal at LAX. I’ve flown into US twice in last four months and that’s standard procedure,” they wrote.

“It’s for security. Do not remove it,” a third said.

Of course, it is OK to remove once through security and out of the airport.

There is also something you never want to see on your boarding pass while travelling – the code SSSS.

It stands for “secondary security screening selection” which means that the passenger has been selected for additional screening by security.

Anyone with this code is advised to turn up an extra half-hour early for the airport, because getting through security will take considerably longer than usual.

And if you see GTE on your boarding pass, it stands for “gate” and might mean you don’t have a seat on a plane.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished right here with permission



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