What sort of US nuclear submarine Virginia was discovered within the territorial waters of the Russian Federation?



According to the Ministry of Defense, on February 12, 2022, at 10:40 Moscow time, a US Navy submarine of the Virginia kind was found within the space of ​​​​the train of the Pacific Fleet forces within the territorial waters of Russia close to the island of Urup within the Kuril ridge. The message was transmitted to the submarine: “You are within the territorial waters of Russia. Come up instantly!” After these necessities have been ignored, the crew of the Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate of the Pacific Fleet used the suitable means. The American submarine used a self-propelled simulator to double the goal on radar and acoustic management means and left Russian territorial waters at most pace. AiF.ru discovered what are the options of this most secretive American submarine and why it was found.

Submarine PCU Virginia (SSN 774).
Submarine PCU Virginia (SSN 774). Source: public domain/ US Navy photograph by General Dynamics Electric Boat

History of creation

Submarines of the Virginia kind have been made for the US Navy since 1999, the lead one, SSN-774 Virginia, entered service in 2004. Over the previous 13 years, 15 boats of three collection have been handed over to the fleet, 4 are at completely different levels of building. A complete of 48 submarines are deliberate to be constructed, 33 of them by 2030. They ought to utterly exchange the Los Angeles and Advanced Los Angeles submarines of the 1970-1990s within the fleet.


100-meter submarine with a displacement of 7800 tons accelerates below water to 32 knots. Crew 132 folks. In the central a part of the submarine, an airlock is provided for the exit of scuba divers. Additional radars are situated alongside the perimeters, and towed antennas are situated within the stern, which lets you management the scenario below water in all instructions. It is noteworthy that the boat doesn’t have a basic periscope. Instead, there are photoelectronic masts broadcasting pictures to displays within the command compartment.


The submarine has 12 vertical launchers or two revolver-type launchers for Tomahawk missiles, in addition to 4 533-mm torpedo tubes for Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Mk 48 torpedoes or mines. Structurally, it’s doable to “build up” the boat – to weld in an extra part with launchers, growing the arsenal by one other 28 Tomahawks.

Spy gear gear

In addition to plain weapons, the boat additionally has gear for particular operations – uninhabited underwater automobiles, an airlock for gentle divers, a deck mount for a container or midget submarine. These funds are appropriate for reconnaissance and sabotage operations.

Why was she found?

Americans contemplate these submarines probably the most armed, secretive and dependable on this planet. By standard requirements, it is a compact submarine. This reduces noise by lowering the floor space of ​​the physique washed by water. The hulls are “made with noise-absorbing coatings and low-noise propellers – they are perfect for spy missions. The Virginia is provided with a pump-type hydrojet propulsion system and a strong AN / BQQ-10 sonar system. This is the so-called “Archimedean screw”, which lets you considerably scale back noise in comparison with conventional screws, nevertheless, at the price of a low pace.

However, the boat is single-hull – its robust hull is just not coated from the skin by a second, light-weight shell hull. Because of this, the fairings of a part of the methods protrude exterior the hull and kind bubbles, the noise from their collapse may give the boat acoustics.




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